Sumter County's Waste Hauling Company

Hook Company is incredibly grateful for each and every one of our loyal customers that trust us with their trash hauling service. We understand that loyalty works both ways, and work very hard to be fair, trustworthy and most importantly, great neighbors. Knowing that every dollar is important, we are proud to have not raised our customer rates since September 2006.

Are You A Year Long Resident?

Full-time Sumter County customers get one FREE month of trash service EVERY year as our thanks to you.

Are You A Snow Bird?

If you enjoy Sumter County during the winter months, we will gladly place your account on hold while you are away for no additional charge. We’ll look forward to seeing you when you return!

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Our Current Pricing

BAG RATESMonthly3 MonthWeekly
3 Bags$20$60$5
4 Bags$21$63$5.25
5 Bags$22$66$5.50
6 Bags$23$69$5.75
7 Bags$24$72$6
8 Bags$25$75$6.25
9 Bags$26$78$6.50
10 Bags$27$81$6.75