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Hook Company is a family owned company, second generation, with hopes of going on to third generation.  Our business began in 1991 and continues to grow today.  We pride ourselves in our work, and our customer service.  We are very dependable and reliable.  We will try our best to accomodate all and any customers.  

We would like to take this opportunity to say a few other things about us.

For instance, we have not raised our rates since September 2006.

Also if you live here all year long you may not realize it, but  you get a total of 1 month free garbage service. If you think about it you are saving minimum $20.00 a year.  For our snowbirds we will put your account on hold while you are away at no additional charge.

As you may have seen we are accepting credit cards now but there is a $2.00 fee to process, cost to pay with credit card quarterly would be an additional $8.00 a year.

We do understand money is tight and we do our very best not to continually pass on increases. We hope these additional things about us gives you a little bit better understand of just how we work.